After arguing with the flight attendant, Sha’Carri Richardson was kicked off the plane.

Sha’Carri Richardson has recorded an argument she had with a flight attendant on Saturday, January 21 that resulted in her being removed from an American Airlines flight.

In the video, the 22-year-old athlete can be seen filming herself before accusing the flight attendant, who goes by the name “John,” of disrespecting her.

Before the flight attendant enters the frame and the argument continues, the camera faces Richardson at the beginning of the video.

She says in the video, “You’re harassing me right now.” You ought to stop, I believe.”

“Do you see him?” As the flight attendants attempt to get her to stop recording, she then asks the other passengers.

“Speak with him. “No, ma’am,” she responds. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m a grownup. Talk to me differently. Talk to me differently. He needs to stop. Don’t yell at me if you don’t know what’s going on.”

She later admitted on Instagram that she was upset about the manner in which the flight attendant had addressed her for using her phone prior to takeoff.

The 22-year-old was then said to have stood over the attendant to make sure she put her phone in airplane mode.

In the caption, the athlete explained: This gentleman requested that I disconnect from a phone call prior to the video, which I did.

The athlete was upset at how the flight attendant spoke to her. Credit: Instagram / carririchardson_

“I told him that I didn’t like the way he talked to me. After that, he continued to lean over to look at my phone while standing in front of me and performing the safety procedures.

When the video was reposted to Twitter, as you can imagine, people noticed.

One viewer commented, ” Your servants are not flight attendants. You must comply with their instructions or be kicked out. Put her on the list of no-flyers.

A second added, “She is 100% wrong from watching this clip.” She was fired because she disobeyed a flight attendant’s instructions. She is at fault for it.”

A third person said, “I’m sure there’s more to the story,” and a fourth person wrote, ” She must mature and adhere to everyone’s safety guidelines!”