Beyoncé Breaks Record for Most Grammys Won by Any Artist

Beyoncé just hit a new milestone in her career … she’s now the single most winning artist in Grammys history, knocking off a longstanding record that’s been around since 1998.

The singer won her 32nd Grammy Award relatively early Sunday night — taking home the honor for Best Dance/Electronic Album to set her over the top. She can easily win more, as there are still more awards to win — and she’s up for some of the biggest categories that have yet to be announced — including Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

She won best R&B song earlier in the night for “Cuff It” for Grammy 31.

Before the broadcast even started, she picked up her 29th and 30th wins in Best Dance/Electronic Recording and Best Traditional R&B Performance for two songs from ‘Renaissance,’ respectively. That put her just a win away from tying conductor Georg Solti.

Solti was the top dog at 31 Grammys total prior to Sunday. He’d been steadily racking up statuettes since the ’60s with his opera albums/recordings — and seemed to be a lock in those categories for decades. He won his final record Grammy at the 40th Grammy Awards.

While Bey may have just knocked Georg off the list for most wins, she had already secured her place as the most nominated artist ever — sharing that mantle with her hubby, Jay-Z, at 88. Paul McCartney is below them at 81 nominations and Quincy Jones clocks in at 80.

Hard to say if anyone will ever really get close to what Beyoncé’s achieved here — there are certainly other heavy hitters who have a tendency to rack up awards … but none seem to be able to touch the longevity of success she’s had firmly in her grasp for nearly 30 years now.

Just goes to show … Bey is very much still the Queen, ever-evolving in her craft. Congrats!!!