Breakups from “Vanderpump Rules” that shocked the most

We were aware that the SURvers, bartenders and hosts at Lisa Vanderpump’s successful WeHo restaurant, would be full of drama when we first met them. Even after a decade, the makeups, breakups, and ongoing feuds of the Vanderpump Rules cast continue to be entertaining.

The fact that almost everyone is single heading into the series’ tenth season is a big change for a show that had several strong relationships last year. There is a lot to take in and a lot of big emotions to talk about when the show first airs. Because of the headlines, we know how some of it will play out, but we can’t wait to find out the specifics of what took place and who will hook up with whom next.

We’re revisiting 10 of the show’s most shocking breakups from Season 1 to the present to get into the spirit of Season 10.

Tom and Katie

Over the course of nine seasons, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney went through a lot: multiple arguments, allegations of cheating, tequila Katie, rings on strings, financial infidelity, and not one but two weddings. As a result, fans were shocked when the “Bubbas” announced their split prior to Season 10. After all, which reality TV couple actually stands a chance if this couple fails to survive after going through everything they have?

James and Raquel

Throughout their relationship, Raquel Leviss provided James Kennedy with stability and grounding. She even persuaded him to get sober. However, despite the fact that he clearly loved her (they were engaged, after all), there were times when he treated her poorly, particularly in Season 9. Raquel eventually gave up, despite the fact that she appeared to be willing to persevere and wait for James to change. During the Season 9 reunion, the couple called it quits, shocking everyone.

Lala and Randall

Lala Kent only called her mysterious boyfriend “My Man” for years. This is because Lala and her co-stars, in addition to the fans, developed animosity as a result of Randall Emmett’s refusal to participate in the show. When Randall eventually joined, everything was fine for a while. He was beloved by all. Ocean was born to the couple. They were planning their wedding and were engaged. However, in October 2021, the couple announced their breakup. On the Season 9 finale, Lala spoke briefly about the breakup, giving the impression to viewers that there was a lot going on behind closed doors that no one knew about.

Scheana and Mike Shay

Scheana Marie was the first cast member to wed Mike Shay in 2014, making her the first to do so. Sadly, despite the fact that the couple appeared to be in love at the time, it was not to be. Even though Scheana kept it a secret for a long time, she eventually admitted that her husband struggled with substance abuse. Scheana became the first member of the cast to go through a divorce when they separated after two years.

Jax and Stassi

Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder were the couple at the center of all the drama when Vanderpump Rules first started. We knew they were doomed because of that. They were the epitome of miscommunication, along with Stassi’s mind games and Jax’s persistent lying. Nevertheless, it came as a bit of a surprise when Jax and Stassi broke up after Jax cheated on her in Las Vegas. But the most shocking thing was when they got back together, but Stassi found out that Jax had cheated on her with her best friend Kristen Doute.

Tom and Kristen

Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute were another toxic Vanderpump Rules couple. There was little trust between the two, and they constantly fought. Tom was eventually caught texting a bottle service server, but the most shocking revelation was that Kristen and Jax had slept together. Tom was constantly accused of cheating by Kristen. It goes without saying that the relationship did not last.

Kristen and James

The busboy was actually with Kristen when James Kennedy appeared on Vanderpump Rules. However, observing them, it became evident that Kristen was far from over Tom and that James was a rebound. James endured a lot, but they both overdrank. It all came to a head when the two of them went to Scheana and Mike’s wedding. One of the most explosive scenes in the show’s history is the memorable parking lot scene in which an overserved James calls Kristen “unmanageable.” Especially considering that she left with her trainer, who was said to be merely a friend.

Scheana and Rob

Scheana turned to soap star Rob Valletta after Scheana ended her relationship with Mike. Scheana appeared to be a little obsessed with Rob, praising his handyman skills and mature lifestyle, but it felt like she was moving too quickly with her new partner. The two parted ways at some point and decided to stick together as friends. Rob called in later on Watch What Happens Live and said that he will always support Scheana, but that her friends group was too much for him to handle.

Stassi and Patrick

Stassi finally found love with Patrick Meagher after she moved on from Jax. Despite the fact that they dated for four years, despite the fact that he was emotionally more approachable and mature than the bartender, Yes, they were intermittent, and Stassi’s friends had inquiries. However, even Stassi was shaken when they called it quits on their four-year anniversary, leaving her with a pre-paid romantic getaway to Mexico.

Peter and Stassi

Okay, this wasn’t exactly one of the most shocking breakups, but when viewers learned that Stassi had dated SUR manager Peter Madrigal before she and Jax hooked up, it was definitely sexual. Later on in the show, when Stassi started having issues with some of her friends, that relationship came into play. Ultimately, Peter always had her back, demonstrating that the relationship had been meaningful to both of them.