“Is This Supposed to Even Be Funny”: Boxing World Goes Berserk as Kim Kardashian Buying KSI’s Bandana for $5 Million ‘Weird and Cringe’ Post Draws Strong Reactions

After the backlash she faced for the ‘EMAX cryptocurrency scam’, Kim Kardashian again made headlines with her new buy. The boxing world went crazy after the news irrupted that popular internet celebrity Kim Kardashian, reportedly bought KSI’s bandana for a whopping $5 million. Although there is no official confirmation from Kim K herself, The Bread Batch shared the news this morning on Twitter.

This is not the first time such a thing happened when Kardashian buys something so expensive. Indeed, the Kardashians are known for their show of wealth and this latest purchase is only proof of that. Despite the confirmation of the news, fans are outraged for spending such a hefty amount of money, for a bandana. As a result, outraged fans started criticizing both Kim K, and the news reporter.

Kim Kardashian spends $5 Million for KSI’s bandana

All over the world, people recognize the Kardashians for their wealthy lifestyle, entertainment, TV, and reality shows. Kim Kardashian is the most famous among them, and she is often seen promoting her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brand named ‘SKIMS’.

However, as per TheBreadBatch, Kim’s recent purchase baffled fans. In the Twitter post, they shared that, “Kim K reportedly buys KSI’s Bandana from this picture with 5 million Dollars”.

Every fan knows that KSI is quite famous for his style and more precisely the bandana he wears every time. KSI has become synonymous with the ‘bandana look’, which is why it has become his signature style. It is an instantly recognizable feature that sets him apart from other entertainers and makes him unique.

Now if the news comes true, it will surely go down in the history books as no one can imagine spending $5 million on a bandana. However, recently a video became viral when KSI gave his expensive ‘Red October’ sneakers to his driver. Nevertheless, let’s see what fans have to say about the viral news.

Fans go berserk hearing the news

As soon as the news became viral, fans started criticizing such an expensive buy. At the same time, some fans also thought that the news could be fake and slammed The Bread Batch.

Kim Kardashian loves to be at the center of attention most of the time. And the alleged buying of KSI’s bandana could very well be one of the reasons for that. However, what do you think of this purchase? let us know in the comments.