Piers Morgan says that Sam Smith is “over-thirsty for attention.”

Piers Morgan, you guessed it, has criticized Sam Smith’s Brit Awards attire.

Piers Morgan has already slammed Smith on Twitter despite the fact that the 2023 Brit Awards ceremony hasn’t even begun.

Sam Smith wore an all-black inflated jumpsuit look to the 2023 Brit Awards.
Credit: PA Images/ Alamy Stock Photo

Morgan had something to say when Smith, who identifies as non-binary, showed up in a daring, inflated jumpsuit and platform heels.

Morgan posted a picture of the singer on the awards show red carpet to Twitter.

In addition to pearl earrings and spiked hair, Smith’s ensemble includes an inflatable black jumpsuit with enormous shoulder pads, sky-high heels, and matching black gloves.

The caption on Morgan reads: I think “they” is getting a little too desperate for attention. # BRITs.”

It didn’t take long for Piers Morgan to comment on Smith’s outfit on Twitter. Credit: @piersmorgan/ Twitter

Fans were quick to jump to the singer’s defense, even though many others were similarly unconvinced by the daring outfit choice.

A person wrote: Music and flamboyance are not new. Piers is acting like Sam Smith is the first to do this, implying that he should “get off my lawn.” “Exhibit Elton” and numerous others are examples.

Another person made a comment, “Obsessed with Piers Morgan biting as if Sam Smith is wearing this to fly under the radar.”

The third said, Even though I don’t even like Sam Smith, Piers Morgan and co. are so enraged by them that I can’t help but STAN. Like Gemma Collins, it’s like you’re crazy… for what? For them simply to exist?

In conclusion, ” They are indeed a pop star. That is the subject of it.”

Others were also quick to point Morgan out, putting the pronouns Smith had chosen in quotation marks.

A user stated: I think it’s a disgusting attempt to steal someone’s identity to put them in quotes. They are a pop star, and nearly every pop star dresses in a more extravagant manner. Why is a person who doesn’t identify as a woman or a man not worthy of your respect if you wouldn’t object to a cis person doing it?

“Saying that isn’t the issue makes them appear ridiculous, in my opinion. Another person wrote, “The problem is the quotes around “they,” which suggest that his gender identity is not valid.”

This isn’t the first time Morgan has attacked Smith online. After they performed “Unholy” at the Grammys with Kim Petras, the former host of Good Morning Britain referred to Smith as “Satan.”

Tonight, Smith is up for two Brit Awards: Best Pop/R&B Act and Song of the Year for “Unholy” with Kim Petras.