Salt Bae is preparing 5,000 hot meals per day for earthquake victims in Turkey

One famous chef is making it his mission to provide some hot meals to those who have been impacted by the catastrophe caused by the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey last week (6 February).

After a video of Nusret Gökçe, better known by his handle Salt Bae, seasoning some meat went viral, he became famous for the first time.

Since then, the Turkish butcher has made it clear to his fans how he will assist those impacted by the earthquake. See how to prepare food here:

Credit: nusr_et/Instagram

The most recent death toll from the massive earthquake, which struck northern Syria and southern Turkey on Monday, is staggering at 33,000.

The United Nations estimates that the number of confirmed deaths will double as rescue efforts continue.

Salt Bae shared the news via Instagram. Credit: nusr_et/Instagram

In an effort to provide vital assistance and urgent food support, numerous relief teams and emergency aid have rushed to the affected areas.

Salt Bae, 39, a social media star who was born in Turkey, is one of these people. Salt Bae announced the news to his 50.9 million Instagram followers in a series of two videos, the first of which was captioned ” “It will be the most significant and meaningful service for us ever,” she said, displaying footage of the inside of a food truck.

A second video featuring the “meaningful service” in action was then uploaded by Salt Bae. He explained to those who were following him that the purpose of the food truck was to provide “hot food to more people.”

Additionally, he stated that he and his crew would endeavor to target “5,000 people every day.”

The opening scene of the reel shows a line of people waiting in front of the food truck with the Salt Bae logo printed across the side.

It then pans to the truck’s interior, where chefs are batch-cooking a variety of dishes in pots and pans of industrial size.

After the video exits the cooking station, it displays a compilation of footage of the various individuals receiving hot meals prepared by Salt Bae’s dedicated team.

Since then, the Instagram post has received a large amount of support, with many people praising Salt Bae’s actions.

One person wrote, “Well done, so helpful in this time of need.”

The social media personality was also praised in a second: ” Well done! Their efforts are admirable!

“It’s the ones who show up and make a difference that truly shine,” a third participant added.

Last, an Instagram user wrote: You’re doing an excellent job. Congratulations.”