The new season of South Park begins with a brutal episode that attacks Kanye West.

The first episode of season 26, titled “Cupid Ye,” has torn the disgraced rapper to shreds, despite the fact that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are no strangers to controversy.

Cartman’s character, ‘Cupid Me,’ transforms into the sinister ‘Cupid Ye,’ a cherub who shoots hearts filled with antisemitism rather than love at his targets in this episode, which is themed around Valentine’s Day.

Sound familiar?

Credit: Comedy Central

The plot, on the other hand, shifts to Cartman’s enmity toward Kyle and Tolkien’s newly formed friendship.

The Christian Tolkien is then confronted by Cartman, who asks him “given all the new information lately” if he really wants to hang out with the Jewish Kyle.

Tolkien hears from Cartman, ” You know, the information about how Jews took Black people’s identity? that all of Judah’s lost tribes were actually Africans? You weren’t informed of this? People like Kyle have taken from Black people their identity as Jews.

But when Tolkien begs Cartman to stop using hateful language, the 10-year-old goes even further and says that Jews lied about how they were persecuted in World War Two before fleeing to America.

He adds that the Jews had to “invent a story for themselves which they could make everyone believe because Kyle runs Hollywood!,” even though they were aware that African Americans were already an “underclass” in the country.

In a clear nod to Ye’s interview on the InfoWars podcast, Cartman even makes an appearance on national television wearing a black balaclava to spread his absurd conspiracy theory about the community.

Many have praised the episode for its clever portrayal of wild conspiracies by Stone and Parker, who have drawn praise for their work.

A user on Twitter wrote, Nothing has ever been more true about Kanye West than this #SouthPark quote: “I think he’s using Christianity to portray himself as a racist piece of s**t’.”

One person shared: This season’s first episode of South Park is about TikTok and Kanye. Christians, too. Perfect. We should hope for more than five episodes.

whereas a third stated: Finally, South Park is back to their old episodes, and they’re roasting Kanye. I literally can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard.

The following episode of South Park will air on February 19.