TikTok: What is the Mascara Wand Trend?

TikTok trends are everything at once: they are funny, they go viral and it’s hard to ignore them. But most importantly, there is a minimum amount of weirdness required for a trend to pick up momentum. The Mascara Wand trend is the latest in a long line of TikTok trends that make you question how on earth did this become a thing. Let’s break down the Mascara Wand Trend and understand what it means and why it’s trending on TikTok.

Is it a beauty trend?

To start with the literal meaning, a mascara wand needs no introduction to people who are into face and eye makeup. A mascara wand is used as a brush to apply mascara on eyelashes. So, is the mascara wand a beauty trend on TikTok? 

Mascara Wand trend TikTok
Image courtesy of Know Your Meme
  • Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with beauty or makeup routines. Of course, TikTok does have a vast collection of makeup videos, given that the platform is dominated by teenagers and young adult women. But this one’s an exception and it is related to dating and sex lives.

The Mascara Wand trend explained

In TikTok’s context, Mascara Wand is basically code for something else, like a euphemism. Used mostly by young women, “mascara” refers to a guy, usually their boyfriend or partner. We hope “wand” explains itself pretty much now and you know what it refers to. 

  • Along with the mascara wand, the term “tube” is also used. A tube is usually where someone puts the mascara wand back into after they are done using it. In this context, the tube refers to female private areas.
  • Saying “my mascara wand went into another tube” essentially means someone’s boyfriend cheated on them. The trend has caught on like wildfire with over 10 million views to its hashtag.

Why is it trending?

TikTok guidelines ensure that explicit and graphic language is prohibited. However, users have always found a way to bypass it with algospeak. Some examples of algospeak are ouid, @nal, and le$bean

TikTok users have been using the Mascara Wand as algospeak to talk publicly about their sex life. Young women have used the trend to share cryptic stories about their boyfriends, their sexual preferences, and even vibrators. 

Criticism towards NSFW trend

As expected, the Mascara Wand trend has invited a lot of criticism from TikTok users for sharing TMI (too much information). Not everyone is interested in listening to graphic details about someone else’s sex life.

  • Some people think the trend isn’t cryptic enough and underage girls can easily figure out what this means. This exposes them to dangerous sexual content and could lead to more trouble.
  • TikTok restricts its user to a minimum entry age of 13. However, people below the age can still gain access to the platform.

The trends use the hashtag #MascaraWand while playing the song “Constellations” by Duster in the background. TikTok is the true home to some of the weirdest trends that define this generation, including the Mascara Wand.

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